Apple Embeds the UWB in its iPhone 11

The release of the #iPhone11 with its #UWB chip generated a lot of discussion this September 2019. This choice is very relevant and has been thought long and hard! "Sharing. Game. Localization. Everything is more accurate than ever". Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology...

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How does the UWB work?

Ultra wideband (UWB) solutions are based on the Time of Flight (ToF) method to measure the distance between two radio transceivers by multiplying the ToF of the signal by the speed of light. Based on this basic principle, UWB technology can be implemented in different...

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IIDRE wins its H2020 project – SME Instrument

IIDRE offers a unique solution for the geolocalization of operators on industrial sites. This solution contributes to ensure the safety of the operators in specific or sensitive environments. The innovative solution is based on radio frequency with badges and a...

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IIDRE at the Futurapolis exhibition – Toulouse

November 2016 It was a pleasure to exhibit once again on the CNES booth at the Futurapolis exhibition in Toulouse, with many discussions between professionals and scheduled conferences. It is again a link between space and satellite-free solutions that we propose and...

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Thanks to the continuous efforts made since 2016, IIDRE is now able to offer you precision geolocation, thanks to UWB technology (Ultra WideBand Decawave modules). This technology is implemented by means of geo-referenced anchors and tags which will be integrated into your products (machines, tools, vehicles, or others), according to your needs and constraints and whatever your sector of activity.

Accurate geolocation:

Our solution ensures you a localization accuracy of about 10 cm in a clear environment (LOS: Line-Of-Sight), while remaining less than one meter, in a dense / industrial environment (NLOS: Non Line-Of-Sight).

Tracking of fast movements:

In addition to a very good accuracy, our system offers an important refresh of the calculated positions by trilateration, allowing you to follow fast movements (> 30 km/h).

Customization of our solution:

In addition, IIDRE allows you to customize the anchors and tags, by integrating different types of sensors (gas, temperature, particle density, …) and even a GPS chip to guarantee an outdoor coverage (indoor / outdoor switch).

Contact us to accompany you on your geolocation project.

Infrastructure UWB pour la localisation indoor