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IIDRE and CPK Consult at Viv Industry on 26 and 27 November!

@IIDRE and @CPK Consult are present on the Viv Industry exhibition; exhibition dedicated to the Factory of the Future and Industrial Performances in Nouvelle Aquitaine! Come and visit us to talk about your geolocation issues and we will provide you hardware and software solutions.

Apple iPhone 11 and UWB

The iPhone 11 with its UWB chip creates a lot of discussion this month. This choice is very relevant and has been brain for a long time! But few applications and solutions are ready at this moment, so it’s not a buzz yet! Who can announce now day his compatibility with the iPhone 11 UWB? […]


Ultra-wideband (UWB) solutions are based on Time of Flight (ToF) method for measuring the distance between two radio transceivers by multiplying the ToF of the signal by the speed of light. From this basic principle, UWB technology can be implemented in different ways according to the targeted applications needs: 1- Two-way ranging (TWR) or double-sided […]

ESA IIDRE UWB Indoor Geolocation

IIDRE Pitch about UWB Indoor Geolocation solution for Drones, AGV, robots and Autonomous vehicles thanks to ESA Bic Sud France network We provide now from 10 to 30 cm accuracy, data rate around 50 measures per second, a simple infrastructure to deploy to track a mobile in real time.    

IIDRE, the indoor geolocation at SIDO, Lyon, 10 & 11 april 2019!

IIDRE will wait for you at our booth E142, in the Aquitaine Robotics’ space, to show you one of our Ultra Wideband geolocation solution for machine control, with our partner ez-Wheel, specialist and leader of the electrical and auonomous wheel ! #geolocation, #UWB, #industry, #robotics, #SIDO19, @SIDOevent, @ez_Wheel, @AQ_Robotics, For further information or making an appointment: […]

IIDRE and ISFM, partners for the project “Rouen Normandy autonomous Lab”- autonomous vehicles

IIDRE and ISFM, actors respectively of geolocation with or without satellite coverage and mobility, are partners to support the experimental project of Rouen, within the framework of the launch of the first autonomous “Zoe” electric, in an urban environment, by ensuring a fluidity in the continuity of services for driving without a driver. # mobility, #autonomous […]

IIDRE and the french engineering school ENSEIRB-MATMECA

IIDRE assists students of the french enrgineering school, ENSEIRB-MATMECA on the project “WISER” (Wireless Interconnection for Secure Exchange on the Road for the self-driving car). This project consists in creating RoadSide Unit (RSU), to manage autonomous vehicles. From design to tests, third-year students of ENSEIRB-MATMECA, from telecom sector, work on complete technology architecture “Vehicle To […]

IIDRE, accurate geolocation with UWB

Thanks to continuous efforts made since 2016, IIDRE is now able to offer an accurate geolocation by means of UWB technology (Ultra Wideband Decawave modules). The solution is based on geo referenced anchors and tags, which will be integrated to your products (machines, tools, vehicles, others…), according to your needs and whatever your industry. Accurate […]

IIDRE won the H2020 project – SME Instrument

“The ability to quickly locate people on sensitive industrial sites”   Based on its leading-edge know-how in the field of indoor and outdoor geolocalisation, IIDRE developed a unique solution contributing to ensure individuals’ safety in specific environments while considering the constraints of these environments. The innovative solution is based on RF protocol, tags (smart electronic […]