Bordeaux INP


Stagiaires ENSEIRB MATMECA 2016

Summer 2016

This summer we integrated students in internship from ENSEIRB / MATMECA Bordeaux University.

Everyone worked on a specific topic:

 Imène – end of studies traineeship :

« Positioning has an essential role on everyday life. Nowadays, when the object to be tracked is

in an open environment, the GPS is considered as the most efficient. But, its application is
limited in indoor environment such as basements, hangars… The “Indoor” positioning system
of Iidre Company uses the ZigBee technology. It consists of wireless sensors network
composed by transmitters, receivers and a coordinator connected to a computer which
retrieves and processes the information. This device works using the power of the received
signal by the receiver so-called RSSI. Then, the distance between the transmitter and the
receiver is estimated in function of the RSSI. Finally, by using the trilateration principle the
estimated location is obtained.

However, interferences and multi-paths related to the environment affect seriously the system accuracy. The establishment of a particle filter, as well as, a discretization of the state space are techniques to improve the positioning result.”


ENSEIRB students’ training projets:

Guillaume :

« The purpose of my internship is to make geo-tracking (ou alors geolocation, je ne sais pas quel terme est le mieux) using LoRa technology. When a transmitter sends a message to a gateway (both equiped with a LoRa module), the RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication) is calculated and a distance can be estimated. The ultimate goal is to make a multi-emitter and multi-gateway system.”


Abdoul :

«The objective of my project is to design and develop an usable web User Interface (UI) to ensure the tracking in real time of equipments in a worksite”


Julien :

“I work on a efficient, citizen and connected air quality station using USB, WIFI and LoRa technologies.”