IIDRE, accurate geolocation with UWB

Thanks to continuous efforts made since 2016, IIDRE is now able to offer an accurate geolocation by means of UWB technology (Ultra Wideband Decawave modules). The solution is based on geo referenced anchors and tags, which will be integrated to your products (machines, tools, vehicles, others…), according to your needs and whatever your industry.

Accurate geolocation: 

Our solution ensures an accurate localization which is about 10 cm in clear environment (LOS: Line-Of-Sight), while remaining lower than a meter in dense or industrial ones (NLOS: Non Line-Of-Sight).

Follow-up of fast moves: 

Besides a great accuracy, our system offers  calculated positions with high data rate (trilateration), guaranteeing you to follow-up fast moves (> 30 km/h).

Customization of our solution:

Furthermore, IIDRE allows to custom anchors and mobile tags, by integrating several types of sensors (gas, temperature, particle density, …) and even a GPS chip to guarantee an outdoor cover (switch indoor/outdoor).

Contact us to be helped with your project : https://iidre.com/IIDRE/en/contact-form/