Our achievements

Implementation of an accurate geolocation system based on a UWB infrastructure, to provide service continuity when RTK GPS doesn’t work, in a tunnel, an urban canyon and other scenarios.

COVID-19: Physical (Social) Distancing Badge

IIDRE designs and manufactures a simple and efficient badge by UWB and without infrastructure

> Available in June 2020: contact us!

Try for your project the UWB STARTER KIT

  • 4 encapsulated anchors
  • 1 tag (size « USB key »)
  • 1 set up and viewing software

Implementation of a connected utility vehicle, with conneted tools in real time.

Implementation of a UWB tag on a UAV in order to know its distance covered in indoor environment inaccessible to humans.

Very versatile smartphone applications for road professionals (PR-localized photographs and reports, …) that provide added value for both operating agents and engineering services in terms of safety.

Equipment of a carriage with a UWB tag to geolocate it in a logistics warehouse.