Our company

Founded in 2012, IIDRE is sensor networks expert, specialised in geolocation systems without satellite coverage.

Following its R&D and its results, IIDRE is working on the UWB (Ultra WideBand) since 2015, without renouncing to the other classic technologies, such as the RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification), the LoRa (Long Range), among others, which allow to serve other purposes.

Due to several experience feedbacks and experiments carried out, in particular in Smart city and in Industry 4.0, IIDRE helps you in any type of environment: indoor where the other technologies are no longer sufficients to make an accurate geolocation and outdoor when the GNSS signal is lost. According to your issue, we will adapt our solution, based on your technical and functional specifications.

Single French Design partner of Decawave chips, IIDRE is konwn on the european market thanks to its UWB expertise and its continuous improvement of its solutions. IIDRE offers shelf products and tailored solutions, in order to meet your exact technical and functional specifications.

IIDRE will assist you to develop specific products, thanks to its software and eletronical design skills. Indeed, IIDRE will help you with mechanical integration of its solutions, and with its software adaptation to your existing ERP or your Information System. IIDRE develops its products with local subcontractors and assemblers to keep an eye on them during all the production process.