UWB & RTK Hardware & Software solutions

Material design

Thanks to its skills in electronic design, IIDRE offers you off-the-shelf products as well as customized solutions to best meet your constraints and specifications.

Software development

IIDRE has developed its own software, adapted to each use, in order to offer you packaged solutions adaptable to your existing ERP or I.S.

UWB anchors by IIDRE

Anchor /UWB beacon

The use of the UWB, for any geolocation project, requires the installation of an infrastructure, composed of anchors (at least three) and the mobile(s), also called tag(s), affixed to the object or person to be located.

The anchors can be adapted to the constraints of the project: size, attachment system, power supply (battery or mains), protection rating for the housing, or any other desired feature.

For a distance measurement problem, only two devices are required. 


UWB specific tags by iidre

UWB & RTK tag

The tag is the box that is integrated into the machine, object or person that you want to geolocate. It can come in different forms. Thanks to its skills in electronic design, IIDRE is able to create any format of case, by adding any attachment or fixing system.

During its years of R&D, IIDRE has surrounded itself with quality service providers, for the majority regional, in order to be able to answer any mechanical, electronic, design or other constraint. Thus, just like the anchors, the boxes can be adapted according to the use.

At the level of the intelligence embedded in the mobile, IIDRE can also adapt and integrate other sensors, such as a barometer, an altimeter, an environment sensor, etc.

The IIDRE solutions are therefore customizable at both hardware and software levels. 


UWB devices by IIDRE

UWB & RTK starter kit

IIDRE proposes to initiate you to accurate geolocation, thanks to its starter kit composed of 4 anchors (75*55 mm) and 1 USB tag (50*23*15 mm). It can be completed by as many devices as necessary according to your project. It is accompanied by the « RTLS by IIDRE » application allowing the visualization of the positions of the mobiles, as well as the associated documentation.

IIDRE has documented its UWB solution by writing and regularly updating its User Guide; a document explaining in detail the system as a whole and the UWB parameters that can be modified.

IIDRE has also written a Quick start, in order to help you to take in hand the solution and thus initiate you to geolocalization by UWB.

For the GNSS RTK, outdoor with satellites coverage (no Anchor or Beacon) for centimeter precision, with or without other tecnolgies like UWB, IIDRE provide high performance tags and also basic tags.


RTLS by IIDRE: UWB visualization and configuration software

RTLS by IIDRE for the configuration and real-time visualization of the mobiles integrated in the objects to be tracked, with the possibility to import a map, a background map.
Targeted applications: supervision and localization of means of production in a warehouse, of isolated workers or on a sensitive site, or any other geolocalization issue.



Traceability for post-processing of location data. This software allows you to replay a trajectory, a route, using the location data collected by the IIDRE hardware.
Targeted applications: analysis of production flows, analysis of an operator’s itinerary in a hangar to reduce drudgery.


UWB telemeter

UWB telemeter allows to visualize the distances measured in UWB, with additional indicators: the identifier of the concerned device, the battery level of the devices and the quality of the signal.
Targeted applications: telemetry for precise distance measurement, telemetry in places inaccessible to humans, telemetry through walls or thin materials without sighting.


Distancing UWB badges

Application of remote badges: allows the configuration of badge parameters, as well as the updating of the firmware embedded in the badges.
Target application: compliance with social/physical distance.