The release of the #iPhone11 with its #UWB chip generated a lot of discussion this September 2019. This choice is very relevant and has been thought long and hard!

« Sharing. Game. Localization. Everything is more accurate than ever ».
Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology comes to the iPhone.
Designed by Apple, the new U1 chip uses Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology to give iPhone 11 the ability to perceive space. It is thus able to accurately understand its position relative to other Apple devices equipped with the U13 chip. It’s like a GPS on the scale of your living room. So if you want to share a file with someone using AirDrop, just point your iPhone at that person and they’ll appear at the top of the list. »

In any case, it’s a great springboard for this forward-looking technology, which we’ve adopted since 2016 (with #Decawave) for its intrinsic qualities and standardization.  The need raised by Apple reinforces the choice of the answer by the UWB. We are now waiting for further announcements among manufacturers and of course decisions among key accounts. The years to come will be rich in distance calculations and geolocation, we are looking forward to it !